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Expanding Access to Health Care

Joe has fought to expand access to healthcare, and make it more affordable for working-class families. He voted to extend workers’ compensation benefits to family care, allowing employees to take paid family leave in order to spend time with young children or care for sick relatives. He fought to enact the State Workforce Injury Reduction act, which requires state agencies to submit an annual plan for reducing the occurrence of workplace injuries to the government, which holds employers responsible for their policies.Joe also voted for the historic legislation to rein in health costs by requiring insurance companies to receive prior approval from the state regulatory agency before increasing health care premiums. This change will not only control costs for working families, but will help reduce costs for small businesses, enabling companies to expand and add jobs.

Joe also supports state legislation to ban insurance companies from implementing costly “tier 4″ prescription drug pricing plans. He fought to mandate paid medical leave for new moms and those in need, and supported an expansion of EPIC, by increasing income eligibility to allow more seniors to qualify for the program.