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Education & Protecting our Future

As a graduate of St. John’s University and Touro Law School, Joe firmly believes that education is the key to a better future. He successfully fought off the proposed mid-year budget cuts to the public education system, ensuring public schools’ financial security for years to come. He supported educational reforms that will reduce class size and allow teachers to dedicate more individual attention to their students, along with other reforms that will ensure a higher level of accountability in the education system.

The economic recession forced the government to make budget cuts, specifically in public education. However, Joe has made sure that those cuts did not affect the quality of our children’s education. He voted to restore hundreds of millions in school aid, and fought to make sure the SUNY and CUNY schools had the necessary resources to weather the recession and prepare its students to be a part of the economic recovery.

Joe also supported the restoration of the Tuition Assistance Program, which allows higher education to be more accessible for working-class families