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Creating Jobs and Building a Local Economy

Small businesses are the heart of the 15th district’s community and the key to building a strong local economy. Joe has made sure that local businesses are able to fairly compete with large corporations and chain stores by sponsoring legislation thatdenies state funding and tax breaks to businesses that ship jobs overseas, and offers financial incentives to keep jobs within the community. He has also brought job opportunities to the people of Queens by sponsoring several large job fairs, enabling hundreds of employers to connect with thousands of job-seekers in the area.

Joe has successfully fought for the Green Jobs/Green New York finance law, a landmark ruling which will create thousands of jobs across New York while reducing our dependency on foreign oil, and encourage energy conservation while jump-starting the green energy industry. Furthermore, Joe has worked to help small businesses reduce their energy cost through joint initiatives with energy providers. By working to reduce energy costs, Joe has made it possible for our local businesses to expand and open up more job opportunities.

Finally, by rewarding income tax breaks to buyers who purchase a local residence costing less than one million dollars, Joe has encouraged residents to spend their money within the community. Joe continues to work towards providing more affordable housing options for middle and working class families, specifically through rent control.